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Flywheel Torqboard

Our latest project involves working with one of the largest indoor cycling chains in New York. Flywheel is a popular venue amongst the city's most competitive cyclists, as well as recreational riders. In addition to motivating instructors and friendly ambiance, Flywheel features a high-tech monitor that displays statistics that track a rider's performance.

The monitor is divided into 4 categories:

While each bicycle at Flywheel has an individual monitor, members have the option to keep their progress private or to enter a race, and have their stats displayed on large monitors mounted in the front of the room. Only the top ten racers are displayed. So, if you entered the race and don't see your name on the screen, pick up the pace!

This technology is an important feature for a variety of reasons:

Here's how the system works:

Testimonial: As a former fitness professional who has taken various indoor cycling classes, I found the monitor advantageous, as it provided a goal and focus for me during class. Rather than concentrating on how much time was left, I focused on improving my rank and maintaining my speed. As a result, the class seemed short. I got a great workout without getting bored. In addition to the 45-minute cardiovascular exercise, muscular conditioning for both arms and legs were incorporated. Cycling 'out of the seat' (standing) with increased resistance really worked the quads and glutes, while arms and shoulder work were incorporated into class by cycling while performing exercises with a weight bar.

While WaleUp and Flywheel made a great system, future development may provide even greater success. For example, a phone application (for iphone and Blackberry) that tracks progress seems to be an appropriate next step. Since so many people are constantly on-the-go, most use their phones in place of laptops. As a result, opening e-mails and links have become more time-consuming. Busy people are relying on phone applications for faster, easier to access information (i.e. Google maps, Facebook, iTunes).

Written by Rachel Scott on June 30, 2011