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Build Brand Loyalty Through
the Power of Mobile

Robot Fruit is a powerful marketing tool that combines a mobile app creation platform, customer loyalty program, and content management system into an instant and measurable marketing engine for your business. In the words of founder Thomas Vieweg “In the 1990s many businesses were slow to see the need for websites but nowadays you would be hard pressed to find a business without a website, and I could see the same thing was going to happen regarding mobile apps. The value is not in the app. The value is in using it as a marketing tool to interact with customers. The app gives you a way to see what they are doing, and to see what they respond to. Getting that information normally takes a great deal of time and money, but the app makes the process automatic. It’s a CRM for mobile.”

The Challenges We Faced

Businesses nowadays use a vast array of tools to build relationships with their customers: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, weblogs, coupons, promotions, rewards and more. Creating an interface to so many different tools, and making it all work smoothly on a mobile phone, was an engineering problem of staggering complexity. Over 50 different platforms and tools are made available to the business owner. Robot Fruit made it simple to design a mobile app: just drag and drop the widget icons that best fit the needs of the brand's mobile presence. The cost of building a custom app is prohibitive for most businesses, but RobotFruit made the process easy and affordable.

  • In the near future, apps will be as crucial
    to businesses as a website.
  • Businesses need a CRM for mobile.
  • Custom app development is prohibitively
    expensive for most businesses.
  • Creating an interface to so many different tools
    was a problem of staggering complexity.

Our Solution

According to Thomas Vieweg, RobotFruit was very lucky to already have a working relationship with Pasha and Wale Up. Vieweg said “Pasha and I had met when we worked together on a previous project. In the early stages of RobotFruit we would meet once a week and brainstorm ideas, and then later Pasha was able to pull together the team and solve all of the technology problems that we faced. Some people think that they can simply outsource the technology to India, but you need at least one key person on your team who knows the technology very well and with whom you can meet with and talk over every detail. That person can then build the team and translate the idea to everyone on the tech side. I was very lucky to know Pasha and be able to bring him in at the beginning of the project.”

  • Starting with the right technology
    partner is crucial.
  • Waleup was able to shape the idea and pull together the team.

The Results

RobotFruit achieved what no one else had ever achieved before: the integration of a huge number of tools and platforms into an app that feels native on mobile. After the site launched, it began to attract businesses that were able to see the benefit of having their own custom app.

“In the end, I think the project was a success,” said Vieweg. “Someone else saw the value in what we were doing, and we were able to arrange a sale that I was happy with.”

  • 400 HTML5 Apps Published.
  • Achieved 90% subscribed customer retention
    rate over a period of 6 months.
  • Company Sold to StreamTrack in Nov 2013.