Wale Up, Interactive Design and Technology Solutions


Mobile App Maker Factory that gives small businesses ability to publish mobile apps and reach their customers on mobile devices without the hassle of going through app development process.

  • Architecture, UX and Development of automatic app maker platform that publishes apps to iOS and Android Stores: http://RobotFruit.com
  • UX and Development of http://RobotFruitSeller.com - an interface for app re-sellers
  • RobotFruit has published 400 apps and was sold to StreamTrack in Nov 2013

NYPPEX IPL Private Trading System

Established in 1998, NYPPEX is one of the world's leading private equity secondary intermediaries.
  • Definition, Design, Development of Private Securities Trading Platform
  • Custom Ticker Generation Algorithm
  • Online Document Signing Tool using HTM5 browsers

Flywheel Torqboard

Flywheel is a popular venue amongst the city's most competitive cyclists. They feature a high-tech monitor that displays statistics that track a rider's performance.
  • Re-Development and Launch of Cycling Class Perfomance Tracking System

OpenSky Supply Chain Management System

OpenSky is a social shopping platform that helps consumers discover and buy great products that fulfill their interests in Food, Style & Beauty, Healthy Living, and Home & Design.
  • Definition, Design, Development and Deployment of internal Supply-chain management system as well as external online interface for curators
  • The platform integrates applications from Salesforce, InDesign, and unique project management features tailored to OpenSky’s needs.
  • OpenSky has reached 1,200% Return on Investment in this Platform after 1 year of usage

PricewaterhouseCoopers CMS

PwC focuses on audit and assurance, tax and advisory services. Additionally, in the US, PwC concentrates on 16 key industries and provides targeted services that include — but are not limited to — human resources, deals, forensics, and consulting services.
  • Development of Custom PwC Content Management System
  • Technology: Ruby on Rails
  • Contracted through BSI Interactive

Call The PAPD

Call the PAPD (Port Authority Police Department) allows you to quickly report suspicious activity to the Port Authority Police Department. With a touch of a button this application will call the Port Authority Police.
  • Development of iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps